Opinion! Are women competing with PlayStations to get their men’s attention?


The gaming craze has become a popular thing in Kenya, if you take a keen look at the surroundings you will notice that where young people are located, there can never lack at least one gaming place.

It has become so prominent that some institutions of learning have an E-gaming centre at the student centre joint.

The target audience being the youth, particularly young men infact, it is a rare scene to see a lady competing with her counterparts on the platform.

The platform has enabled young people to have a source of income from renting a room and setting up a gaming centre which in the normal occasion is usually filled up with customers.

The environment is perfect for them with cosy seats, loud music and playing around with lighting, similar to that of a modern club. Every good thing has its bad side and for gaming, the biggest and most alarming demerit has got to be its effect on gamers.

Gaming is an addictive source of entertainment and it is not a new thing to spot one or two individual spending money way above the intended limit, in order to satisfy the need.

Young men will spend most of their time right there in the cozy environment of a gaming centre to enjoy themselves, a situation that has led those dating to feel rather disconnected.

So there goes the topic of discussion the impact of gaming on dating life.

Some ladies have complained of the effect of gaming on their men. The once beautiful spark in their relationship is lost thanks to gaming.

What woman does not crave for attention? With a man holding that smooth pad on his hands and eyes glued on the screen as deeply concentrating on the video game, the attention ladies yearn for is lost.

In fact, there has been funny memes and clips on the impact of these video games on relationships. I am sure you have bumped into at least one clip or meme relating to the likes of PlayStations.

PlayStation (PS) is a video game brand that consists of home video games. With the latest release of PS5 which roughly goes for around 50k on some stores, the joke on the reactions of men if gifted with PS5 is overwhelming.

Some claiming it would be a dream come true, others joking around that they would do anything to have the latest play station at their disposal.

A friend just recently shared that dating a woman who loves the PlayStation is like a dream come true because apparently women just don’t get it, they just don’t understand what the video game means for them.

Like earlier mentioned, most women are less interested in gaming and would rather enjoy the company of friends and loved ones instead.

For men, the joy of having a tournament on the gaming platform with each gamer trying to outdo each other in the game of their choice is thrilling.

For most Kenyans who do not own the gadget, it is easier to make their way in a gaming center which is pocket friendly when charged, with them having to pay 30 shillings per game with a discount on a gamer who play a number of games. For most men owning that PS5 is the perfect little heaven.

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