Opinion: Is the modern day church promoting infidelity?

The high divorce rates, infidelity, and second marriages among Kenyan gospel artistes have left us wondering when the society started rotting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for people to stay in abusive marriages, nor am I am saying that getting married is a bad thing.

My point is what happened to the people who were supposed to be role models in society?

And why is the church so quiet when its members are entertaining the flesh?

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First, it was DK Kwenye Beat and Hope Kid infecting a woman with herpes, this was quickly swept under the radar.

Next, it was then gospel artiste Willy Paul allegedly whipping out on a gun on a video vixen.

The duo was also having extramarital sex.

Then came Ekko Dydda, he was allegedly accused of sleeping with his wife’s best friend.

Fast forward Bahati was accused of allegedly exploiting artistes signed under him. This he did by not paying them enough.

Just when you thought you have heard enough gospel spin master DJ Mo was exposed by his side chick via social media.

The expose included screenshot of their chats, photos of his manhood.

Yes, the Bible teaches about forgiveness but why is the church so silent when its members are straying.

What happened to bring the lost sheep back to the flock? The church should teach it’s members on having strong faith to avoid straying.

I am not judging but I think it’s high time the church puts itself in order.

There are however many upright gospel artistes and they are such an inspiration and for that we celebrate them.

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