Opinion: It’s time Amber Ray and her co-wife learned to co-exist

Amber ray and Amira
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray has accused businessman Jamal Marlow’s first wife, Amira, of making her life unbearable since finding out about her marriage to Jamal.

The two have for weeks been involved in an online tussle and it’s time they both stopped.

Their ‘beef’ came to light after Jamal made it official that Amber Ray is his second wife.

Personally, I think it’s a high time these co-wives learned how to coexist. Them airing their dirty linen in public is no assurance that Jamal will divorce either of them.

Having been married as a second wife before, it’s time Amber Ray re-evaluated herself and see how best to make her marriage thrive instead of working to break it.

She is also a mother and so is Amira, what examples are they setting. The internet never forgets.

How will Amber Ray’s son take it when he sees how his mother used to call Amira m*tako?

In the past, Jamal said that Amber Ray is a blessing as she has made him ‘settle’ adding that he would spend 50K on random women.

Adding that he changed once he met the socialite

According to Amber, Amira should be grateful to her for saving Jamal from stepping out of their marriage, spending ridiculous amounts of money on women, and choosing to settle down.

“Yes I am a second wife but I have not killed anyone. For your man to be sleeping around and spending Ksh 50,000 on different women every day, clearly shows I’m not the problem. So leave me alone, please.

In fact, you should even thank me,” She wrote on her Insta stories.

The two should end their beef or else fight in private. Netizens are only enjoying seeing them tear each other down.

Most are waiting for the marriages to crumble so that they can have something to talk about.

Instead of giving Kenyan that pleasure it’s best they just pick up the pieces and move on.

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