Opinion: When will we ever learn for our greedy politicians? #WajingaSisi

Since Kenya gained independence things have been going from bad to worse. We have been voting in the same greedy and selfish politicians time and again like we have been programmed.

The presidency and top levels of government have always been dominated by two tribes and I don’t mean to sound tribalistic but it is what it is.

Politics in this country will always be guided by tribes and however much we try to change, you will never find a luo being elected to any leadership position in Nandi County; we are still voting for a person just because we speak the same language.

Politicians are the best liars, they will come and woo you with carefully selected words, tell you what you want to hear and even pretend to be your friend.

They are so friendly and humble when elections are around the corner, doing door to door campaigns, hosting village elders and women groups in their mansions just to convince their constituents that they care.

This is the time the see the need to visit the local markets and check on the economy, go around schools and lie to teachers how they will help raise their salaries, they use up a whole month just lying to desperate voters.

The sad thing is we know they are lying to us but we still vote for them anyway, I don’t know if this is being naïve or outright stupidity. Once we vote them in they disappear again for the next five years.

There is this habit of members of parliament (MPs) living in luxurious houses in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi after they are elected in their rural constituencies.

Here you are living like a king in Nairobi while those who elected you to serve are dying of starvation at home.

Politicians don’t really care what happens to us as long as their pockets are full, that’s why they will steal money meant for development with a crystal clear conscience.

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It’s prime time news and your constituency is being featured on a special report, children are dying from starvation and lack of proper healthcare, your MP is watching the same news in Nairobi on a 132 inch led screen sipping expensive whiskey, trust me he will not even flinch.

Not so long ago there was an MP who went back to his constituency and had to walk through water because he never constructed a bridge, talk about a taste of his own medicine.

Money is a powerful convincing tool and the politicians know this all too well. Your Governor, senator, mp or any leader seeking your vote has not started any development project in your county.

They come around when the polls are nearing and start dishing out wades of notes. Don’t get it twisted though, it’s just 50 bob notes being thrown around, this won’t even buy maize flour in the current economy. Imagine selling your vote for fifty bob!?

This is your future and that of your kids you are putting in jeopardy and for what? This same money they are throwing at your faces, they stole it from your development funds.

They take your money then give back to you but as peanuts.

Everybody can be a politician but not everybody can be a leader, it takes a lot of character and charisma to be the latter. Being a member of parliament comes with a lot of advantages; government cars, security, big salaries and huge allowances.

If these people we call leaders were human enough if the had what it takes to truly lead then they would make sure not even one person sleeps on an empty stomach in their constituency.

Yes we know there is money allocated for that but it is never enough, if you factor in the matter of corruption, the money disappears. We have heard leaders from other countries using half of their salaries to cater to the essential needs of their voters. Why can’t ours try it? You know why? Because they are gluttonous people who don’t give a hoot what happens to us.

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In 2007 thousand of lives were lost after the elections went south. It was a disgusting sight of people killing each other because they believed their ‘’leader’’ was denied power.

Businesses were destroyed, retail stores looted, buildings burnt down, families displaced and the economy was brought to its knees. If you had established residence in a town where you didn’t speak their language, you were forced out with your family.

Roads were blocked by rioters so movement was impossible. The country was in chaos, everybody was living in fear, nobody was sure of anything anymore.

These politicians whom the rioters believed they were fighting for, were nested safely under heavy protection in their mansions. They watched all these atrocities on their huge flat screens. They didn’t care if people died, all that mattered is themselves.

Currently, a deadly virus has struck the world, it kills and spreads like wildfire. Countries in the third world depend on aids and loans from our colonizers.

Our Kenyan government however only want to use this pandemic to enrich themselves, to them its business as usual. It’s so expensive to treat coronavirus in Kenya, once you are admitted you incur costs up to thousands and yet the aid money was supposed to ease this burden on the common mwananchi.

The greedy politicians are making money at the expense of Kenyans and they don’t even care if the taxpayer is sleeping hungry.

The health system in Kenya, ok it’s not that bad let’s say its just average. Our leaders have never focused on building good hospitals with quality outpatient facilities.

The best hospitals we have in the country right now are mostly privately owned. That is why you hear when politicians fall sick they are rushed to hospitals abroad.

They don’t want to be admitted at our local hospitals because they never invested in them. Their kids go to expensive private schools and later join universities in Europe.

Teachers often go on strike over unpaid dues but they never seem to care because their children are studying outside the country.

The main focus of these politicians is them and their families, we as voters are non-entities to them.

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Police maim and kill and those we elected are just watching the whole thing go down.

Police in Kenya are there to serve only the rich, the poor are seen as non-entities. Their motto is ‘Utumishi kwa wote’, it should be changed to ‘Utumishi kwa walio na kakitu’.

When you hear there has been a shootout, it’s always the poor man who is on the receiving end. I have never heard of a rich man who has been shot and killed by police.

It’s like justice is for those who can afford it, if you can’t pay them to protect you then you are on your own. Those we voted in don’t care if their voters are safe or not.

Time and again the leaders we elect have shown as that they are in it only for the money. Corruption has been a thorn on our side with the citizens paying for it.

Sometimes you hear the figures involved in some of these scandals and its shocking, talk about hundreds of millions.

Take the NYS scandal for example, billions of tax payers’ money were lost and nobody was really held accountable, the list goes on. These corruption scandals have become holydays, they just have to happen for the country to feel normal.

These same leaders involved in the scandals went ahead to be elected to leadership positions. What more do we need so that we learn that they really don’t care what happens to us?

How much will it take us to learn? The picture has been painted on the wall, they don’t give a hoot about us. We can do better guys.

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