Othuol’s death has exposed how selfish and greedy we are as a country

Othuol Othuol with Churchill

The death of Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol has dealt a big blow to the industry, mainly for two reasons.

He was very talented and he was still young and had a long life ahead of him.

It’s however sad that after his death is when everyone is rushing to social media to type RIP.

Weeks ago Othuol had pleaded for help after being admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital.

He has been suffering from a brain tumour for months which he has been receiving treatment for.

Prior to that he had been suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) which left him weak, and financially strained.

For a man who made us laugh, we could have done better for him.

We usually come together and contribute for other things why did we not help Othuol at his hour of need?

The entertainment industry is also huge, it contains artistes’, actresses, comedians and actors.

Couldn’t we have contributed enough to help Othuol get proper treatment?

Now that he is dead, everyone wants to post a photo of themselves with him.

Even the government that is so keen on bragging about supporting talents did nothing for him.

Everyone is praising him at how talented he was, but most of us were never there for him at his hour of need.

I am ashamed of myself and we should all be.

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