Our Perfect Wedding Back With A Bang!

Our Perfect Wedding Back With A Bang! Because, of Covid-19, many people decided to not go through with their wedding plans. Now that we are at Level 1 lockdown, a lot of things have opened up, and we see wedding celebrations taking place. As the year comes to an end, a lot people are seizing the opportunity and getting married.

Our Perfect Wedding, which is a show that airs wedding celebrations is also coming back. Couples who want to share their big day with the rest of South Africa, can now write to the show. Khanyisa Titus,who made her first appearance on season 10 (March 29th 2020), took to Twitter to announce the great news.

“The wait is over! @OPWMzansi is finally back on your screens. Write to us today sizonithi fa fa ngo thando,” the TV host said.

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