Phat Joe On Why He Brought Pearl Thusi To Metro Fm

Phat Joe On Why He Brought Pearl Thusi To Metro Fm. Radio is one medium where presenters are changed every now and then. Some people have had to be brought in, because at that particular moment, they are influential. We have also seen a lot of old hosts being let go for various reasons. The likes of DJ Fresh, Phat Joe, Pearl Thusi, Sol Phenduka and a whole lot more have risked their radio jobs because of their opinions on air or personal controversies surrounding them.

One personality whose opinions always lands him in trouble is MacG. Of recent he has been losing sponsor after sponsor for his Podcast and Chill with MacG. But hey, with him the show always goes on. In his recent celeb interview, MacG, had an equally controversial broadcaster, Phat Joe as a guest. A lot was unpacked on the episode, including cancel culture, Joe’s radio career, his stay in America, his clashes with other personalities, as well as the celebrities he opened doors for, among other things.

As Phat Joe is one of the local radio veterans, MacG asked him his views on radio producers who now hire A-list celebrities as radio personalities. In his response, Phat Jo said, he blames himself for this trend, because he started it when he brought Pearl Thusi to Metro FM.

His reasons for bringing the talented actress and media personality, was that at that time, Pearl wanted to learn more about the industry. She was already an actress, and also co-presented Real Goboza with Phat Joe, so she wanted now to explore radio. He also mentioned that Pearl worked for a whole year without getting a salary, proving that she was passionate.

The two had a successful show The Real Phat Joe, as co-hosts at Metro FM. Unfortunately they were let go, supposedly over their constant ‘bashing’ of their fellow colleague, Bonang Matheba. Pearl has always been a vocal supporter of DJ Zinhle after she publicly announced that then-boyfriend, rapper AKA, admitted to having an affair with Matheba while Zinhle was pregnant with his child.

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