Photos Of Your Favorite Kenyan Socialites Before The Fame And Money


A socialite is a popular person usually from a wealthy or aristocratic background, who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper-class society.

He or she spends a significant amount of time participating in social activities and continually attend various social gatherings such as charity events, private parties, fashion shows, fine arts fundraisers, luncheons, festivals and other exclusive events; at least according to Wikipedia.

A good example is the Kardashians.


But back home, that’s not the case.

The word socialite has a different meaning. We have grown to identify a socialite as someone with a well-endowed body; luscious and inviting assets and who is ready to show them off to the public in exchange for infamy.

The so-called socialites are now taking over the showbiz industry in East Africa thanks to their ‘angelic’ looks and goodies.

Well, the struggle to be a socialite is real.

It’s a tough race that comes along with many challenges and in short, it is not for the faint-hearted. We have seen many of the current socialite’s struggles and work hard to attain the status.

So, from Vera Sidika to Huddah Monroe, here are photos of your favorite Kenyan socialites when they were broke and ashy.

1. Vera Sidika

The bootylicious socialite caught the eyes of many when she appeared in P-Unit’s You Guy music video. She was dark-skinned and blessed with a mammoth booty. But after fame, the heavily endowed socialite spent millions on skin bleaching and also did a boob job.

Check her out before bleaching


Is Vera Sidika Regretting Bleaching Herself? Find Out Here

2. Huddah Monroe

She became a household name in Kenya after she represented Kenya at the BBA season 8 in 2013.

Huddah then started hanging out with the who is who in Africa among them Wizkid and Rich Gang co-founder King Lawrence, a Ugandan based in South Africa.

The sexy socialite then resorted to posting salacious photos showing off what she hides beneath her clothes and within no time, Huddah amassed thousands of followers and she is currently the top most followed socialite in Kenya with 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Here are her photos before the boob job and some of after augmenting her blossom.


3. Corazon Kwamboka

Kwamboka dropped many jaws after she broke the net a few years ago when she unleashed photos showing off her big booty in a video twerking.

The University of Nairobi school of law graduate gave her counterpart Sidika – who is also well endowed –  a run for her money back then.

Kwamboka has been lying low like an envelope ever since she was admitted to the bar in 2016. Kwamboka runs a cloth-line business. She is always transversing the globe nowadays.



4. Risper Faith

Known for her mammoth booty, Risper is now a reality star. She is one of the socialites on the decorated Nairobi Diaries show. Just like her counterparts, the heavily endowed socialite has also worked hard her way up.


FLOSSMODE!!! Risper Faith And Bae Brian Show Off Their Almost Complete Mansion (PHOTO)

5. Noti Flow

The upcoming rapper and reality star Florence Kutoto popularly referred to as Noti Flow was also ashy and broke at some point in life. But years later, Noti has transformed into a sexy doll and Team Mafisi are always on her case. Rumour has it that she also bleached but she hasn’t come out to accept or deny the claims.



6. Hamisa Mobeto

The Tanzanian socialite is pretty. Despite giving birth, the mother of one has managed to maintain her gorgeous looks.

Hamisa was not born an ‘angel’ and just like other socialites, she was once broke. Check out her photos before and after fame.



7. Wema Sepetu

The model cum socialite is among the top Tanzania socialites. Wema once dated Diamond Platnumz and broke up in late 2014. She has 2.9 million followers on Instagram. Check out her before and after fame photos



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