Pic! Bucie Nkomo Welcomes Her Fourth Child

Pic! Bucie Nkomo Welcomes Her Fourth Child. 2020, might be one dark year, but it has never stopped life from happening. Quite a number of our celebrities continue to be blessed with children this year. The latest one to welcome her bundle of joy is Bucie Nkomo.

Bucie has welcomed her fourth child, a daughter, into the world and she is over the moon. The award winning singer, has two other children with husband Nhlanhla Nkomo and a son from a previous relationship. She shared the great news with her fans and followers on Instagram.

God is everywhere.
God is all around you like the air that you breathe.
You can’t see the air, you can’t see God.
But God can SEE you.
God can HEAR you.
God can TALK to you.
God KNOWS you and he LOVES you.
2020 has brought me thee most precious gift. My little princess Liyah Nkomo
,” she captioned the picture.

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