Pic: Cici Shows Off Her Amazing Post Baby Body

Pic: Cici Shows Off Her Amazing Post Baby Body. When most women hibernate for a few months after giving birth, some snap back to their normal bodies quickly and always show it off. We have celebs like Salamina Mosese, Matema Moremi and Sphelele Makhunga who recently gave birth but look as hot as ever!

Cici is also another new mom who is blessed with great genes. The award winning singer, actress and TV personality gave birth to her first child a month ago. The doting mother always shares pictures of her newborn and the amazing journey they are embarking on. Cici recently shared a hot picture of herself showing off some sexy abs.

How she manages to look this sexy, is the question on everyone’s lips. Cici must definitely take us to the fountain of sexiness so we all drink from it. Move over Beyonce, we have our very own sexy mama!

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