Pic! Mona Monyane Bounces Back With New Property After Her House Burnt Down

Pic! Mona Monyane Bounces Back With New Property After Her House Burnt Down. Life serves us different seasons at different stages. Sometimes there is rain, but it sunshine never delays. Some people like Mona Monyane, can definitely attest to that.

Towards the end of 2019, the actress and her family were faced with a terrible blow when their house burnt down. Although they all thankfully escaped unharmed, they lost their daughter Amani’s ashes during the fire.

Well, as we stated that tough times never last, Mona is celebrating a new achievement. The actress has acquired another house. Mona shared the picture of the house together with a profound quote, “Maybe, just maybe, me focusing on all the negative that has happened in my life is attracting more negativity into my life. Maybe if I look at how I’ve overcome, maybe if I look at how I am so gifted, maybe if I look at how God shined his favour onto my life, that I would attract light.”

The Phoenix has risen. I have many testimonials to share. I have overcome everything that was set up to destroy me. I have seen God and Badimo work miracles in my life. I am PROOF that God is infact very real. Whatever you are facing… Look. At. God. she added.”

Mona has been through a lot in life, but none of her hardships define her. The phenomenal woman has managed to look beyond her pain and become a breath of fresh air to many. Check her inspirational story below during an interview on The Cent Twinz YouTube channel.

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