Police rescue 38 women from being trafficked to Saudi Arabia

Police have rescued 38 women who were on the verge of being trafficked to Saudi Arabia.

They were rescued from Kamulu Machakos county and a woman behind the plan arrested.

The suspect was believed to have been the womens’ handler. Detectives further revealing that she failed to provide proper documentation to prove that she was running a legitimate business.

The women who were being held at a rental house in the area had initially told police that they underwent and completed training as part of their new job description in the Middle East.

The women were apprehended aboard two buses contracted to ferry them to an unknown destination.

Such cases have been on the rise in the city with tens of women being trafficked to the middle east where they get jobs. Some are conned in the process.

Meanwhile, a police officer has been arrested after he shot and killed a man in an argument over a woman in the Embakasi area, Nairobi.

Police said they arrested the constable of police following last night’s incident outside a butchery in the Kitindo area.

He is said to have accused the deceased of taking away his girlfriend before he reached his AK47 rifle and shot him in the chest.

The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at Mama Lucy Hospital.

The officer is expected in court later today where police will seek more days to hold him as investigations go on.

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