Policemen Filmed Arresting Kenyan Man for Not Wearing Facemask in His Bedroom [VIDEO]

Policemen Filmed Arresting Kenyan Man for Not Wearing Facemask in His Bedroom [VIDEO]

Police officers have been captured on camera arresting a Kenyan man from his house for allegedly not wearing a facemask.

In an amateur video recording shared on social media, the officers are heard ordering the man to get out of his house and accompany them to the police station.

The man, whose identity is yet to be established, accuses the officers of harassing him and asks his wife and children to get out with him.

“They want me to get out of my house along with my family in the name of not wearing a mask… This is my bedroom. How can I put on a face mask in my bedroom?” the man poses.

He adds: “What kind of harassment is this? If you are taking me out, take me along with my family. Will you be taken out of your house for not wearing a mask?”

The video has angered Kenyans online, who accuse the officers involved in the incident of taking advantage of government directives in the fight against Covid-19 to harass innocent citizens.

@mzclassyohgirl tweeted: “Why do police takes advantages of every policy that is made. Can we have each police officer sign declaration that no corruption, no extrajudicial killings, no malicious charges, no brutality, no arbitrary arrest.”

@_Dp254 wrote: “A wrong precedent has been set. Why do police believe that if you don’t have a mask (not in relation to the story) or are caught past curfew hours you have Covid-19 thus the need to take you to a detention facility. This virus has to be fought ideologically.”

@dmbaka8 said: “The government will eat its own people Orengo said it well.”

@Abdibinsaid asked: “Now they are coming for people from their houses? Or the guy was outside and ran hadi kwa nyumba?”

As part of the measures to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Health Ministry directed Kenyans to wear facemasks in public places.

Failure to wear a facemask in public attracts a fine of Sh20,000 or a six-month jail term or both, according to a gazette notice published last month.

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