Popular Kenyan Celebs Caught With Fake Designer Outfits

In order for some fashion companies to gain more profits, they have to seek attention that will easily lure unsuspecting customers.

To do this, they copy and paste notable fashion designs outfits and designs which look dead real but, a close look can reveal that it is actually fake .

And not only so many Kenyans have fallen into this trap, even famous celebs who are not only rich but have a taste for expensive and luxurious designer attires .

Here are Kenyan celebs who were caught with fake designer outfits or attires

Mike Sonko

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who is known to have an insatiable appetite for trendy fashion, was caught pants down with a fake designer outfit.

While hanging out with Starehe MP Charles Njaguar aka singer Jaguar with his two kids, Mike Sonko shared a photo that did not escape the keen eyes of fashion fans on his wall.

The fans spotted that he was not rocing Louis Vuitton but Louis Yutton, which is definitely not the original.


Instagram is for setting standards and all the debate to do with fashion and money.

And that is why Joseph Irungu aka Jowie was trolled by his own fans.

Jowie rocked a fake designer hood and that got everyone talking

He rocked a Givecny instead of Givenchy

Lupita Nyong’o

Thieves had to returned a dress worn by the actress Lupita Nyong’o after apparently realising the pearls adorning it were fake.

When Ms Nyong’o wore the gown during the Academy Awards ceremony it was reported that the dress had 6,000 real Akoya cultured pearls sewn into it and was worth $150,000 or Ksh. 15 Million

Vera Sidika

Known for rocking deluxe and expensive designer clothes, shoes and almost everything, Vera Sidika is such a rich socialite to adore.

As she is sued to it, in September 2018, she took to social media to show off a designer outfit from Gucci, she bought at a whooping Ksh.60,000.

But she was quickly told by many critics that the t-shirt was old and was retailing at even a cheaper price than before.

delilah_waix All those giving negative vibes about you, trust me, they want to be like you….they envy your life style but just can’t take it

jennyet @cindysarah254 hii sio ile tshirt yako ya river road ati utavaa leo kesho ugeuze door mat. Issa fine kinda stuff. Kauka na hukoooo!

sharonbosibori323 @cindysarah254 poor you.. Accept your lifestyle and avoid life drama

gyalcaribbean @queenveebosset wear your shirt hun don’t give a damn about people opinion it’s your money and your shirt other’s opinion don’t matter if they out dated or not it’s your money that brought them

Huddah Monroe

Just like Vera Sidika, Huddah is another fashionable socialite flying in the same lane.

But, however, she was alerted by one of her fans that she was using fake designer brands

The way Kenyan be posing fake designer bags is as if they are getting paid by the designer” wrote Aisha Bushoke.

And Hddah’s reply showed that she did not take it lightly.

@Aisha_bushoke. LMFAO! Hey broke bitch, you wish it was fake, if you broke doesn’t mean everyone is broke! Take a chill pill and pray to God to give you money so you don’t be a hater all your life.

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