Popular shows cartoon series we grew up watching in the 2000s

If you grew up in the early 2000s then you probably have amazing childhood memories thanks to the range of cartoon series on TV, they were almost impossible to forget.

In the 2000s TV had gained popularity and decoders at the time was for the well up, for most families particularly young children they had to wait after school and on Saturdays to enjoy their favourite cartoon and it was all worth it with fond memories of what built our childhood.

With that being said here we some of the favourite cartoon series we can’t erase from our minds:

Ed, Edd n Eddie- Oh we loved Ed, Edd n Eddie and almost all the kids brought up in the early 2000s have been fortunate enough to have watched the hilarious cartoon series. The cartoon owned by cartoon network was named after the three young adolescent boys who were the main characters of the story Ed, Edd and Eddie. Ed might not have been the brains of the group but he came up with the ideas and schemes in their plans, then there was Edd popularly referred to as Double D to differentiate him from Ed then Eddie. The three boys just like any other adolescent were clueless about girls stuff and in their schemes, they always end up in an embarrassing situation in the long run

Ben 10- Every boy back in the day wanted to be like Ben 10 and it was for a reason. Ben 10 is an award-winning cartoon series that came in as a game-changer by blowing our minds. The story begins with the starring 10-year-old Ben Tennyson who went about his normal life living with his uncle and cousin Gwen until he discovered a special watch known as the Omnitrix. The device was like no other as it saw him transform into 10 different aliens each possessing superpowers that he uses to fight the villains in the story. Later on, came different episodes of Ben 10 grown up into a teenager with a similar storyline as the original but with added characters.

Powerpuff girls- Sugar, spice and everything nice, that was the signature style of the beginning of yet another unforgettable cartoon network series in which with the help of the introduction of the show, the three girls came to be thanks to the creation of their father, Professor Utonium going about his experiments but accidentally added a dangerous chemical known ad Chemical X. Thankfully the Powerpuff girls were born with Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles making the group which helped fight crimes the city against villains such as Mojo Jojo with their superpowers

Tinga tinga tales- Let’s get into some of that African vibe with the famous Tinga Tinga tales. The program aimed at telling African folk tales with interesting stories for kids such as Why the leopard has spots.

Courage the cowardly dog- Now the title of the cartoon series is ironic but the story circulated around a pink dog with paranoia by the name, Courage. Courage may have been always freaking out but he had to step up and overcome his fear in order to save his owners from ghosts and spirits which haunted them on the farm they were living in. Courage was owned by an old couple Eustace and Muriel with Eustace constantly teasing and scaring him while Muriel would shower courage with all the love.

Kimpossible- Kim must have been everyone’s favourite, there was literally nothing she wouldn’t do. From dealing with family issues and other difficult situations Kim was still able to help fight crime at the same time because everything is Kimpossible.

Samurai Jack- From the gifted creator of Dexter’s laboratory, Tartakosvsky seems to have mastered the charm when it comes to the creation of amazing cartoons that spiced up our childhood. Samurai Jack’s theme was on Japanese’ martial arts of Kung Fu in which Samurai had perfected the art to help fight the bad guys in the story. He was able to use his skills to defeat the villain of the story Aku though it wasn’t as easy as it may seem eventually always came out victorious.

Johnny Bravo- Who wouldn’t remember the overconfident muscular guy who thought every woman was into him. The series blew our screens in the early 2000s with Johnny, the main character, an overconfident muscular guy who was a mama’s boy. Johnny Bravo however ironically didn’t use to get things his way in spite of the tendency to beat his chest on attracting women and the cartoon series was hilarious in every single way.

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