Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan’s prayer that will warm your heart (Video)

Diamond’s celebrity kids has warmed many people’s hearts with their prayer

 Zari Hassan’s children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan have been warming people’s hearts on social media with their videos.

Last night, the celebrity kids were asked by their mum to pray and their prayer got their fans awwwing. In one video, Tiffah prayed for her father Mother, brother,friends, the republic of Tanzania and her  dogs.

In another post, Zari shared a video where Tiffah prayed saying;

“Thank you for Zarinah, Thank you for papa. Thank you for me especially….love yourselves and don’t forget God loves you”

“God protects everyone but demons don’t. They just give demons sweets. Thats not really kind. Eating your vegetables is good, eating carrots is good but eating is not good…Amen.”

On the other hand, Prince Nillan prayed for the rooms in their house, the beds and T-shirts, jackets and the pyjamas.

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