Rachel Kolisi Gives An Update On Her Covid-19 Journey To Recovery

Rachel Kolisi Gives An Update On Her Covid-19 Journey To Recovery. The virus is spreading at an alarming rate and no one is safe. Besides our close loved ones, a number of well known people have also been directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of those is Rachel Kolisi, who took to social media a week ago, to announce that she contracted the virus. At first, Rachel thought she had a sinus infection. Then she later realized her sense of smell was lost, and went straight into isolation until she received her positive result. She has now completed her two weeks isolation and once again took to social media to give an update on her health.

I finished 14 days in isolation (10 is the recommended period) but I didn’t feel ready to be out yet so did a few more days. My taste and smell are slowly returning but definitely not there yet. My throat is sore, I still sound like I have sinus, and I still run out of breath really quickly but the pain in my chest starting easing up on day 10,” Rachel stated.

Sadly, her two kids, Liphelo (13) and Keziah (3) also tested positive to Covid-19. Their symptoms are not the same, and just like their mother, we wish them a speedy recovery.

The virus – I don’t know what strain of it – but Covid is definitely affecting kids too. Liphelo has had full on adult symptoms and it’s been rough. Keziah, praise the Lord didn’t seem to have any symptoms at all and is her usual happy self, the advice we have received is that kids under 13years can’t transfer the virus,” she said.

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