#RakgadiChallenge Takes Social Media By Storm

RakgadiChallenge Takes Social Media By Storm. Trust South Africans to turn everything into humor. Semali Moeti is now a household name, thanks to her speech at her brother’s memorial. Social media is going crazy with #Rakgadichallenge, and the videos are so hilarious.

A quick update to those who have been living under a rock in the last few days. Hell broke loose at businessman Lebogang Khitshane’s memorial service when his sister Semali Moeti AKA Rakgadi took to the podium. While many spoke about Khitshane’s business sense and character, his sister instead spoke about how unfaithful the wife was.

Chaos broke, with water bottles being thrown at Rakgadi. Some mourners battled with her for the mic as she publicly declared that the widow brought a man into her brother’s house.

All in the name of humor, a Rakgadi challenge is trending on social media.

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