Rashid Abdalla Praises His Wife Lulu Hassan on Her Birthday

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan are Citizen TV’s news anchors whose fame has spread all over the country for being the first couple to present news together. Besides them being journalists, the other thing they have in common is that they were both born in April.

Rashid has never been afraid of letting the whole world know that it was his wife who made him what he is today claiming that by each passing day, his wife works tirelessly to bring out the best version of him. Not once, not twice, but very many times has Rashid referred to his wife as, “Kope Mkonyeza Nyusi Zangu”.

During Lulu Hassan’s birthday, Rashid shared with the social media a photograph of the two of them and went on to write the following as the caption: “Sisemi kitu, my special person was born today…” Previously, Lulu Hassan had shared Rashid’s photo during his birthday which was last week and written a caption similar to that one. She wrote:

“My favorite person was born today…” and went on to add love emojis. After wishing his lovely wife a happy birthday, Rashid went on to post a throwback photo of him that was taken while the two were still dating. The photo is said to have been taken when Rashid first visited Lulu Hassan so that he could cook for her.

He went on to post the following as the caption of the photo: “Picha hii ndiyo siku ya kwanza maishani kumpikia Lulu Hassan. Nakumbuka ilikua Ugali lakini mboga nitazibana kwa leo…” Their fans and followers went on to wish Lulu Hassan a happy birthday and openly expressed their love for her.

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