Reasons why celebs keep their weddings a secret – list

Bien and Chiki
Bien and Chiki

In the past, we have seen very many celebs keep their weddings a ‘secret’. Why do people of such caliber choose to do things against public expectations?

Among those who held secret weddings is Bien Barasa of boys band Sauti Sol. So secretive was his wedding that no one was allowed to carry their phones.

Others include Bien Pol. The Tanzanian artiste married Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai in an invite-only ceremony in Tanzania.

People only got to know about it through social media.

Here is why some people love keeping their weddings a ‘secret’

Toxic ex’

We have in the past seen ex’s come to stop weddings just because they can’t get over the bride or groom.

Some also take advantage of the situation to ask for financial support in instances where a baby is involved.


We all know that Kenyans love meddling in other people’s affairs way too much. They are very bad critics and thus some people decide to keep their weddings a secret.

Like in the instance of Bien, he has never released his wedding photos to the public and he might never do so.

Why? Because people feel like they are entitled to decide what you will wear on your wedding, how much it should cost and who should make it for you.

Wanting to maintain a low budget

Not everyone is keen on big weddings worth millions, for some people the most important thing is acquiring a marriage certificate.

So as your busy forming WhatsApp groups for people to pledge towards your wedding, some people prefer the easy way out.

To keep away gate crushers

A celebrity wedding? Most people would want to attend.

But we all know that some Kenyans have itchy fingers and won’t resist the urge to pickpocket people.

So instead of having to worry about security, some people prefer intimate gatherings.

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