Reasons why no one believes celebrities when they open up on their struggles

Many celebrities have been opening up on their life struggles unlike in the past when all they did was paint a picture of perfection.

Days ago Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka talked about how she felt overwhelmed after she welcomed her baby in August.

Not that anyone disputes that, there are however things that make one wonder why celebrities like making their love life look like a bed of roses.

Below are some things celebs need to stop doing to avoid mental distress which might in turn lead to depression and make them believable.

1-  Stop oversharing

Not everyone is your friend, some are just waiting to see your downfall.

So be wise and know what and when to share personal information.

You don’t have to tell us how good or bad your partner is in bed, it doesn’t help us pay the bills.

2- Not accepting that we are human and we make mistakes

It’s paramount to understand that perfection is over rated.

Keep in mind that whether you do good or bad people will always talk.

So instead of killing yourself with filters just post whatever you want after all it’s your social media.

Apologize when wrong but never bend your rules to please the people.

3- Not protecting the people you love

We have in the past seen celebrities bash and expose not only their loved one but also their siblings.

No family is perfect but exposing your family on social media makes you look bad.

It becomes hard for people to trust you.

4- Not loving yourself

Loving yourself is the only way to overcome all the negativity going in around us.

Most celebs don’t have self love, that is why they are so keen on seeking validation and acceptance from the public.

And when they don’t get that, it affects their esteem.

What is the other reason why it’s so hard to believe a Kenyan celeb when they say they are going through problems?

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