Recycling boxers to wearing torn socks: Annoying habits Kenyan men should drop


Kenyan men have time and again been accused of being careless and untidy, though not all. Some have perfected the art and it’s annoying.

This is because most of them do not put much effort into looking good.

Beloware annoying habits some Kenyan men should drop.

Recycling boxers

Just the thought of it is so disgusting.

Men who recycle boxers need a home science class on cleanliness.

Recycling vests

Vests are the easiest to wash.

Instead of recycling how about buying many vests that can serve you for a week till you have time to wash.

Recycling and wearing torn socks

Some men recycle socks for days, it’s not only disgusting but annoying as well.

Socks go for as cheap as 30 bob why recycle and leave your legs stinking like the Dandora dumpsite?

Wearing the same shirt/pants almost everyday of the week

I have seen men who recycle their trousers so much especially jeans till they turn to a different color.

I also find men who wear shirts with torn collars such a turn off.

In case it’s torn, find a good tailor or just get rid of it.

You don’t have to wear expensive stuff but be presentable.

Not applying oil or cologne

I know they say that mwanaume ni jasho, but girl some men can make you throw up with the way they stink.

Invest in a good cologne and use some oil acha kukaa sand paper.

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