Rest in peace! Stars the Kikuyu music industry has lost

During the weekend the country was shocked by the loss of one of the great singers in the Kikuyu community. Might Salim breathed his last on Sunday a day after attending his older brothers memorial.

Here are also some people Kikuyu music industry stars who have been lost.

John de Matthew

The veteran music singer passed away due to a road accident he is behind various hits like Wendo, Umaga kuraya, Wega wa mundu and Njata yakwa in which Sabina Chege is the vixen.

Mighty Salim

He recently succumbed to a kidney-related ailment and even the deputy president mourned him, Timothy Njuguna “Mighty Salim” was a creative and talented musician with a melodious voice that made his songs outstanding.

Through his numbers and wonderful performances, Mighty Salim charmed Mugithi lovers with his guitar and lyrical mastery.  We will miss his resilience and focus. Our thoughts and prayers to the family, their loved ones and Mugithi fans at this sorrowful time. Rest in peace.

Joseph Kamaru

One of the well-known music veterans amongst the Kikuyus and his music was inclined to either praising or rebuking the government his songs are still being played even after his demise in 2018.

Queen Jane

She is also known as Jane Nyambura she was one of the few ladies who made it to the Kikuyu charts in music and is still played she passed away in 2010

Salim Junior

A brother to Mighty Salim and a son to senior Salim.  Salim junior was known for his guitar skills but passed away five years ago. Their music has and hopefully will continue making an impact on peoples life.

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