SA Celebs and Their Epic Festive Vacations

SA Celebs and Their Epic Festive Vacations. 2020 was the year that many couldn’t wait to bid goodbye. A lot of people lost their jobs, businesses, as well as loved ones, thanks to Covid-19. As soon as December came, plans to say goodbye to 2020 began. What better way to end the year, than an epic vacation!

Although lockdown made traveling a bit difficult, some people still managed to check out amazing places in the country and around the world. Our local celebrities led the way, and gave us ideas on how to have fun, even during difficult times.

Shauwn Mkhize

Shauwn Mkhize took over Dubai as her crossover destination. Seeing that she couldn’t deal with the 9pm curfew, the successful businesswoman decided to go to Dubai and have a memorable time. Talk about living a soft life!

The Fergusons

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