SA Celebs React To Gee Six Five’s Untimely Death

SA Celebs React To Gee Six Five’s Untimely Death. Just a few days after her performance on Mzansi Insider, Gee Six Five, has sadly passed away. For the past couple of weeks, Gee Six Five has been making waves on social media with her single ‘Obani Lababantu’ which in English translates to ‘Who are these people’.

The 65 year old recently ventured in the music industry and her Amapiano single, has been a hit since it dropped. Unfortunately, we woke up to the sad news that, the rising star, whose real name is Olpha Selepe, is no more. Her niece Sbu Mpungose, former editor of Cosmopolitan, Bona and True Love confirmed her aunt’s death in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to media reports, Selepe died of COVID-19. She was reportedly diagnosed on Monday and passed away Wednesday morning. Heartfelt tributes to the inspirational Gee Six Five are pouring in on social media platforms. Our local celebrities also joined in thousands of people mourning Selepe.

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