Sad! Radio Presenter Nick Odhiambo’s newborn son dies

Nick Odhiambo and Baby
Image: Courtesy

Hot 96 Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has lost his son barely a week after he was born.

Taking to his Twitter page, the celebrated media personality expressed the pain of losing his son even before spending time with him.

“What a short-lived joy! Born Friday 25th June- 28th June 2021…been celebrating you and giving mom space to heal Then am told you were buried yesterday..and just seen your new home! #RiPSoN I have cried my eyes out asking why? Lil’Kyeon,” Wrote Nick Odhiambo.

He shared a picture of his son and the place where he has been buried.

Image: Courtesy: Nick Odhiambo

On 25th June, Nick Odhiambo was a happy dad, after welcoming his bundle of joy.

“Best gift ever….nice to meet you son.! My mini-me…..I am Soo overjoyed,” he wrote alongside a picture of the little one’s cute hand.

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