Sauti ya kutoa nyoka pangoni! Radio male presenters we are in love with

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

In Kenya, radio is extremely popular with stations providing a great platform to stay updated with all the latest news and current events from Kenya and beyond.

As a result some radio presenters have since evolved to become households names and celebrities just for hosting shows on the frequency modulation channel.

The radio stations owners understand the multitudes these presenters hold in their armpit and do whatever it takes to keep them in their portfolios including awarding them huge salaries in order to retain them.

Jeff Koinange

When Jeff Koinange, a Hot 96 radio host made his switch to Citizen TV, where part of his new job description included signing up for radio.

He is said to have inked a mouth-watering deal for the job. His vast experience at CNN, NBC and the popularity of his TV show ‘Jeff Koinange Live’ brought in the perks when it mattered, and it has paid off greatly.


Not forgetting Phelix Odiwour, Jeff Koinange’s former co-host is doing pretty well for he is among the presenters audience wouldn’t want to miss their shows.

Maina and Kingangi

Third in tow is the duo of Maina Kageni and Kingangi, with his taste in expensive rides, posh house in the USA and exquisite lifestyle.

And so does his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi The two reportedly earn more than the overpaid MPs of the August house.

Then there is radio’s bad boy Shaffie Weru who is now a boss over at Homeboyz Radio. He promised to make a radio debut next year.

Mbusii and Lion

Daniel Githinji Mwangi, alias Mbusii secured a job in Ghetto Radio where he controlled a huge fan base where he holds the position of the biggest reggae music show in the country. His sheng’ speaking prowess has given him a position in the top reggae radio show in Kenya.

Despite him switching to the famous Radio Jambo as presenter he didn’t lose his fans and audience.

The ‘Mbusii na Lion teketeke’ host is a force to reckon with in the reggae circles in Kenya and has severally turned down offers to switch stations.

Radio Jambo’s Mbusii

Gidi Gidi and Ghost

This duo has stolen the hearts of the masses with their popular Patanisho segment. So popular is it that videos of the morning segment always go viral and are used as memes on social media.

Gidi na Ghost
Despite radio being one of the oldest medium of information it will never be out dated since most people from different status listen to them through their favorite hosts

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