Saved by grace! Meet Kenya’s celebrity miracle babies

Size 8 and her son

Many people talk about having miracle babies and rainbow babies. Here are celebrities who have experienced what it is like to have a miracle baby.


Her first pregnancy was tough, Ladashabelle and she made it through despite complications such as blood pressure she sadly lost her second baby and now has a rainbow baby, Muraya Jnr who just turned one year.

Milly Chebby

The famous lady behind the cooking YouTube channel had had a miscarriage before she got her baby Milla who after she was gone had to undergo several surgeries at a very young age.

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Despite all the trolling and stigma, she finally got a child after 7 years in a childless marriage. And that’s her little slice of heaven. A little over a year after her first child, Kambua announced that she is pregnant, again. Blessing pon blessings.

Betty Kyallo

Bettys daughter was admitted in hospital for almost a year and she was at the verge of death but has now made a great recovery

Izareeh and Bob of Phil it productions

They talked about how tough their labor was that Izareeh even needed oxygen but they got their child who is now all grown.

Soila and Curtis

They had had several miscarriages and got their rainbow baby this year.

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