Scam! Zari calls out fake event organisers, they respond

rganiser says Zari wants 100% pay before event

Zari Hassan has called out an event organiser by the name PCK who shared a poster saying that the South-African based businesswoman is supposed to headline an all white event in Malawi at club Epic.

Zari shared the poster and cautioned her fans that the event was fake;

She later called out the Tanzanian man PCK saying she doesn’t know him and has never met him;

“You are out here using my name for clout, riding on my name. You are the ones using my picture and my name without my permission then you are out here mentioning my name thinking you will get five minutes of clout. We don’t know each other, you have never contacted me or my manager”

“We spend a lot of money building our names then come here to play with our names”

“Do not turn around and make me look bad.”

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Zari vowed to start suing people who use her image and brand “I’m sick and tired of this bullsh*t”

In response, the event organiser, PCK said that Zari wanted to be paid full amount before arriving at the venue;

“I am saddened by my sister Zari’s post, When we organised the event, there was a contract which stated that you were to be given 50% of the payment and when you arrive to the venue, you receive the other 50. You were given the 50 percent. And when someone sent you the artwork, you say you wanted 100%. Thats not business. This is not the first event I am organising.”

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