Sharing gory photos to abusing the dead! How Ginimbi’s death exposed Africans


Kenyans have very bizarre habits surrounding death.

There is little to no decorum when it comes to funerals, burials and handling the dead.

Of late, Kenyans have been so annoying especially when it comes to death but it seems they’re not the only ones. The rest of the Africans are annoying as well.

This was evident over last weekend when Zimbabwean socialite and Instagram star Genius Kandugure aka Ginimbi died in a tragic accident.

Ginimbi’s Instagram had around 441k followers and right now it has amassed over 600k, same to that of Moana and Alichia, who died in the same accident.


Ginimbi Ig


Moana Mimi Alichia Adams

Well, below are the seven most annoying habits of Africans involving the dead that need to be stopped.

  1. Following accounts of the deceased and tagging them in every post

In Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, the Bible says, For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Their love and their hate and their envy have already perished, and forever they have no more share in all that is done under the sun.

So why would a sane person tag the dead?

2. Sharing photos of the dead in a coffin or at accident scenes

Africans do not respect the dead at all. When someone dies, whether the family has seen the body or not, whether the family is yet to receive the sad news or not, they will go ahead and share photos of the dead on social media. this happened in Ginimbi’s case as well.



2. Buying new clothes and flowers for the dead

Why praise someone and spend millions to buy expensive clothes, casket and even flowers after he/she dies? Why can’t you show him/her love when he is still alive? It’s high time we shun from this kind of behaviour of honouring the dead and ignoring them when they are alive!

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3. Gossiping

When it comes to gossip they are the know-it-all. From the Facebook gossip pages to social scenes, they will make the deceased and bereaved family trend for days. They will come up with different theories which might have led to the dead of the deceased.

From alluding that it’s witchcraft, bad omen, assassination, etc, they are fake directives who’ll unravel ‘everything.’

They will write your eulogy even before the dead is buried. Even if one dies abroad, they will make sure they dig up his past and spread rumours which don’t make sense at all.

They also gossip about the bereaved family and this can lead to depression for the grieving.

Gossiping Person

4.  Ask for handouts from rich relatives

There’s nothing bad like taking the body of your loved one to the village for burial and all people want is for you to ‘toa ya macho’.

Villagers believe that anyone who stays in the city or abroad has plenty of cash and for every menial task they perform, they want to be paid. Hakuna vya bwerere.

Some even demand handouts even if they haven’t helped with household chores. “Watu wa Nairobi wana pesa sana. Wanalalia pesa kwa pillow“, that’s what most say.

They will milk you dry and ensure you go back to the city or wherever empty handed.


5. Silly dramas because of food

Funerals make for the best get-togethers in villages. If someone prominent dies, the villagers will camp at the homestead for weeks.

They will eat breakfast, lunch and supper at the expense of the bereaved family but in case there is scarcity in the food department at the funeral, they will go around bad mouthing the bereaved family saying how they can’t even afford to give their loved one a befitting send-off.

‘Hata ile matanga haikuwa poa’. Some even fight for food and end up embarrassing the bereaved family in front of their guests.


6.Speak a lot when given a chance

They love hearing their own voices during funerals. Give him or her a chance to say a word about the deceased and she/he will take forever. They will go into so many stories and some will even remind you of how he bought the deceased pizza one day, how he taught him how to evade the police… But why?

7. Take selfies

Some of them are well-known pretenders and only show up for funerals to take selfies and videos to post online. But why do that? There is nothing wrong with that, but it is done in callous ways. You will find that they attend the funeral for photo opportunities and Instagram shoots and zero concentration is given to the bereaved family. Your presence at that funeral is to comfort and console the bereaved not take selfies in the best light possible to post on Facebook.

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