Shauwn Mkhize Cautions Against Laughing At People When They Are Down

Shauwn Mkhize Cautions Against Laughing At People When They Are Down. Life is the longest journey we all embark on. Through it all there are ups and downs. We have to celebrate people when they go up, and try to lift those who fall from grace. This is basically, the lesson that Shauwn Mkhize is trying to drive across this morning.

It goes without saying that Mam’Mkhize is one of the prominent South African celebs on social media. She recently gained 1M followers on Instagram, and her daily updates always trend. Not only does she share her fabulous lifestyle, Mam’Mkhize also shares motivational quotes every now and then. This morning, she chose to speak about, the habit that some of us have, of laughing at people when they fall. She encouraged us to rather learn, because no one is free from their world collapsing.

“Good morning and Happy Friday “Thought of the day. When you see men fall, don’t laugh !! Learn !! Because you are on your way up and things that trip people to fall… You and I are not free from that temptation nor from the weakness that will cause us to stumble and fallWhen you laugh at somebody else fall , white or black , rich or poor your enemy or your friend . You are laughing and opening a way for your own demise when you do that …. because

“To laugh and not learn “
“To make mockery and not to understand” is to make the same mistake yourself, she said.

Mam’Mkhize shared this advice, because she has seen, how people behave when one of their own falls. It worries her that instead of celebrating achievements, we celebrate failures.

“I see how people get excited “when one of our own fall “ and it worries me as a person , and think …..when will we stop because ,When they have done well we don’t celebrate their good work or achievements the way we celebrate their downfall !!!!! “

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