Should you dig up your partner’s past? Chito advises on relationship

Kiss Fm presenter Chito Ndhlovu gave some advice on matters of the heart especially regarding the digging up the dirt and the past on the love of your life.

Chito on was speaking on Mpashoship session on Instagram Live where he emphasized on the importance of communication in a relationship while citing examples of Kenyan celebrities who have seen it through together thanks to good communication.

He further emphasized that for a relationship to work the couple must understand about family and each other’s background.

When asked whether one should reveal their body count and whether a person’s body count matters in a relationship for it to work, the presenter advised couples to keep it a secret on one night stands or rather friends with benefit.

Chito further added that for the relationship to run smoothly, the involved party should try as much as possible to avoid getting close to the former friend with benefit or ex.

As getting close will result in insecurity to the other partner in the relationship and see the person as a competition.

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According to Chito, details such as talking about body counts in the beginning of the relationship should be kept secretive since it will result in a turn off to the other partner.

As much as the Kiss FM presenter revealed that body count does not count in a relationship to an extent of citing an example of the controversial socialite Shakilla, he encourages people to try to keep their body count as low as possible so as not attach different energies from different individuals one goes to bed with.


Chito Ndlovu430When asked by a fan if dudes and chics can be best friends, he discouraged the move on the grounds that it never works and leads to a high possibility of the involved parties engaging in sexual intercourse.

As the presenter emphasized on not revealing dirty little secrets to another party in order for the relationship to survive and advised that for a relationship to work the couple should first build on friendship.

When asked by another fan on Mpashogram whether it is okay for a man to date older women, Chito revealed that he has been dating older women from a tender age of 17.

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Chito went ahead to state that his relationships were not based on financial benefit as many tend to think but rather true love as he is into mature ladies who can engage in a worthy conversation.

The presenter also revealed that it is possible to get such maturity from a younger woman as he is currently married to a woman younger than him.

Watch the entire Mpashoships below.


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