Siri ya ndoa! 5 celebrity couples who have kept their love life low-key

When it comes to dating life we all want to shout on top of the roof that we have found the one. For celebrities the story is the same only that they are in the public eye and sometimes when things go off the public is made aware and scandals erupt. In 2020 we have witnessed a number of scandalous and nasty revelations in relationships but there are some who have for the longest kept their relationship on the low for one or two reasons.

1) Joyce Omondi and Waihiga Mwaura- Switch TV presenter and song bird Joyce Omondi and hubby Citizen TV news anchor Wahiga Mwaura seem to have succeeded in keeping their love life private. From the word go fans were left tongue tied after news came that the two lovebirds tied their knot back in 2015, reason being nobody knew they were seeing each other in the first place. Speaking in an interview done by DJ Sadic, the songbird revealed that the reason she likes to keep her marriage out of the public eye is because she holds it dear and protects what she terms as something special to her.

2) Mammito and Eddie Butita- The two comedians Mammito and Eddie Butita have been keeping it low profile when it comes to their dating life, they post pictures of each other and not say much and fans speculated that the two might be dating. It was only recently that they finally confirmed their relationship but we still don’t get the juicy details of their dating life apart from cute pictures and short captions to go with them. The two are always appearing on each other’s timeline and Mammito could not fail to share the joy in her boyfriend’s birthday party but still not much can be revealed apart from the fact the two are head over heels with each other.

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3) John Allan Namu and Sheena Makena- Investigative journalist John Allan Namu is a ladies’ favorite after all who wouldn’t look twice judging from his killer looks and attractive voice and without a doubt the journalist is madly in love with his wife Sheena. The two don’t reveal much about their relationship unlike other couples but some little interesting details like the age factor which doesn’t bother Namu as he is 3 years younger than his wife. The two got married in 2010 and it is crystal clear that the relationship is going on well and nothing can tear them apart.

4) Juacali and Lilly Asiago- When you are married to such a big name like Juacali everyone wants to poke in your life, you become the subject of discussion and it is normal after all we look up to such key figures in the music industry, however for the musician and his wife they like to keep things low profile. The two don’t share much about their relationship to the public for their own personal reasons.

5) Jalang’o and Amina Chao- Heavy J is a vocal man when it comes to a lot of issues even his own journey to fame, he likes to talk about his struggles and we can never get enough of hearing about the Kiss FM presenter’s life but it is interesting that when it comes to his marriage he likes to keep it on the hush. To begin with fans were shocked with his wedding. No one would have predicted that he was dating in the first place and cuffing a pretty lady like Amina Chao came as a shocker. In 2020 controversial blogger Edgar Obare exposed Jalang’o’s boy’s club conversation to netizens who trolled the presenter for apparently disrespecting his marriage but he came out to shut the claims by defending the leaked chats as just but a fun conversation with his childhood friends, he also praised his wife for standing by his side during such trying times. Not much is known however about their day to day activities, what they do for fun, how the wife is like. Heavy J and Amina have decided to leave fans joining their own dots and making conclusions about their relationship but from their side they leave it as a mystery.

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