Six unique ways that sponsors run the Kenyan economy


Truth be told sponsors are there to stay, we see them almost every weekend having fun with girls young enough to be their daughters.

But according to Andrew Kibe, sponsors run the economy. Below is how they do so


A sponsor will go to his favourite kinyozi and while there he will ask for a massage. That means he has already given two or more people a job. And a sweet tip for their excellent job, sponsors are known to be generous.

Car wash

While having his hair done he will have his high-end car being cleaned.


While all these things are going on, he will order for some nyama choma as he waits for his bae.


He will also send cash to his bae to cater for her transport to and from the meeting place.

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Hotel room/lodging

Depending on the type of sponsor he is, he will take his bae to a hotel room to pay the dues on all the money he spends on her.


Sponsors also spend cash on vacations with their baes, this means they are also supporting the hospitality industry.


Sponsors who are generous enough to pay for the rent of the women in their lives boost the economy.

This is because most of them prefer upper-class houses for privacy purposes.

One sponsor indirectly employs almost 10 people, with the many sponsors around you do the maths.

They sure do run the economy.

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