Somizi Goes All Out For A Woman Stranded On Traffic

Somizi Goes All Out For A Woman Stranded On Traffic. A person who goes out of their way to help others is a real treasure. Somizi, is one celebrity who always takes pride in helping those in need. From giving away some of his designer clothes, to various charitable work, Somizi, has always been about helping the needy.

The media personality and businessman, just shared such a heartwarming post on Instagram, about one of his generous deeds. Somizi narrated on how he helped a woman who was stranded in the middle of a busy road. Although, we live in a crazy world, Somizi decided to make a u-turn, after noticing that, the woman could possible be in need of help.

I know we live in a world full of anger, rage and danger…..we don’t trust anything even if it looks innocent…..sometimes id not most times we see ppl in need of help by the roadside and we wonder if we ahud help or not….and I find myself worrying if they’re gonna be OK…..especially if its a woman….in this case this woman was stuck in the middle of a busy road on William Nicole and cars were just passing by so I made a u-turn and went to ask her if she has received any assistance,” Somizi said.


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It turns out her battery had died, hence she couldn’t continue with her trip. Somizi didn’t mind skipping his gym session, and he opted to wait with the lady until her husband arrived. What Somizi took away from this incident is that, to make this world a better pace, one person at a time.

“I was in my way to gym so I didn’t mind waiting with her and skip gym…..eventually her husband called to say he is 5 min away…so she said I can leave so I gave her my numbers just in case she needs help coz I’m just across the road… I think she realized after I had left who I was when she saw my dp on my WhatsApp I guess…..moral of the story….making this world a better place one person at a time….its not that bad….

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