Somizi Goes On A Mission To Help Tito Mboweni

Somizi Goes On A Mission To Help Tito Mboweni. These are two man who have an undeniable passion for cooking. When cooking is reserved for women in most cases, Tito Mboweni and Somizi, do not mind to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm. Since their styles of cooking are different, they always get different reviews after sharing their dishes on social media.

Mboweni, prefers his dishes with a lot of garlic, an tomatoes. The Finance Minister, also loved his Pilchards and Mophani worms. On the other hand, Somizi, always goes gourmet. The media personality has a successful cook show, and recently launched a cookbook to share his recipes with others.

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Recently, Somizi took to Twitter to weigh in on Mboweni’s cooking skills. He asked South Africa to help him as he is on a mission to help the minister. This came after, Mboweni posted the snaps of his dinner on Twitter and asked his fans and followers if the dish had their approval.

The great news is that, Somizi was able to find Mboweni. We definitely can’t wait to see how these two passionate cooks come up with.

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