Sorry! Still married! Ben Pol and Anerlisa share a homey video dancing

Anerlisa with Ben Pol

The interwebs had gone wild with news of a breakup between celeb couple Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol.

The rumour started when Anerlisa unfollowed Ben Pol.

Later Ben Pol posted a cryptic post about taking time off to take care of himself.

To quiet down that negative vibe, the couple shot a video of them together in their posh house in Dar Es Salaam. The viral video shows off their synergy as a couple and to prove that they still love each other.

The video was recorded by Anerlisa and shared on Ben Pol’s Instagram page.

Check it out.

This video clears speculation that the couple has not split. It also quashes any rumours that there is a bun in the oven.

Ben Pol used the rumour to push a fitness brand. He just secured the bag and at the same time squelched a rumour.

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