Stalking to begging: Things you shouldn’t do after being dumped – List

Heart Break
Heart Break

We have at some point been dumped or done the dumping, hurting as it may be it is a necessary evil as sometimes things don’t work out.

Being dumped can cause emotional turmoil especially of the relationship had been going for a few years.

Some are dumped just weeks or days before walking down the aisle, others are dumped when expectant, while others are dumped after taking loans for their better halves.

Below are mistakes you should not do when dumped.

Stalking your ex

Stalking your ex on social media is a very bad idea.

It will do you more harm than good as you will constantly be comparing their lives to yours.

The best thing is to either unfriend them or block them, especially if the break up was on very bad terms.

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Begging to be taken back

Begging makes you look desperate and it should not be an option after you are dumped.

This is because some people will constantly rub it to your face on how they ‘took’ you back when no one else wanted you.

Imagine being in a relationship where you are constantly reminded of how ‘useless’ you are? Ukiachwa accept and move on.

Accepting to be friends with benefits

Never accept such a setting.

This should be a reminder that your ex did not/does not see you worth of being number one and only considers you good enough for sex.

So if the current woman does not satisfy your ex between the sheets how is that your problem? Anyonge monkey kama wanaume wengine.

Accepting to go for a sleepover

‘Si ukam tuchill, nothing will happen’, That is the biggest scam an ex can get you into.

Accepting to go for a sleepover at your ex’ place is like throwing yourself at a speeding bus, atakukula akutafune na akutupe.

The best things to do after a break up is accepting, picking the pieces, and moving on.

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