Tecra Muigai didn’t struggle or have defensive wounds – postmortem reveals

Tecra Muigai

Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai lost her life after falling inside a posh cottage in Lamu.

Investigations are ongoing over what caused her death. The question detective will be working to unravel is, did she fall or was she pushed.

Some of these questions have been answered by the postmortem.

According to the report Tecra had injuries on the left side of her head which is consisted with a fall down a flight of stairs.

The bump to the head lead to Tecra sustaining a cut, a concussion and internal bleeding.

Tecra and Omar LilaAs the investigations heat up, Tecra’s boyfriend Omar Lali is still cooling his heels in jail. So far he has been incarcerated for 14 days.

Sources reveal that there is a push and pull between Tecra’s family representatives and Omar’s legal reps.

The Keroche family believe that she was pushed and her fall was far from accidental while Omar’s lawyer insists that it was accidental since the postmortem report doesn’t show any defensive wounds or signs of struggle.

Meanwhile, Tecra is set to be laid to rest in a private ceremony that only close family and friends will be invited to.

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