Terence Creative suggests Papa’s brother take over his brother’s acting role

Papa Shirandula

2020 has been full of surprises, one of the most memorable one that many of us cannot seem to get over Papa Shirandula’s death. The news came as a shocker to family, friends and fans that Papa is no more. For the Papa Shirandula cast and former colleagues, it was more than just a working relationship for them. The late thespian was more of family than even a friend. On 12th of December, Papa’s friends honored the promise they had made to his family to return to his village by spending their Jamhuri day in Busia county where he was laid to rest. Comedian Terence creative commented on Papa Shirandula’s actress Jacky Vike’s post with Papa’s brother by throwing a suggestion that his brother could take over from where the late thespian left.


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Among those who travelled were Wibroda who played for the longest time as Charles Bukeko’s wife, Jacky Vike who perfected the role of a luhya village girl who came to work as a house help in Shirandula’s home, Njoro his close ally not just in the TV show but also in real life, mama Nyaguthii known for her role as the heavily accented kikuyu landlady just to mention a few all fulfilled the promise they had made to Chares Bukeko’s family during his burial to go back and pay them a visit.

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Jacky Vike posted a picture of herself with Papa’s brother who fans couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance he shares with his late brother and flocked in the comment section to remember the thespian. Among those who gave their opinion was comedian Terence Creative who raised a suggestion of reliving the moments of Papa by his lookalike of a brother stepping in his shoes. “In my opinion he should be okay to take his brother’s mantle and proceed.” he commented. For most people however, they did not buy his idea saying that talent cannot be inherited. As for Papa’s former colleague Njoro who made headlines during Charles Bukeko’s burial in which fans took note of him being deeply affected judging from his facial expressions said he still cannot come to terms that Papa is no more and going back to his resting place reopened painful wounds.

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