“There’s No Shame In Downgrading Your Lifestyle Temporarily,” Ayanda Thabethe

“There’s No Shame In Downgrading Your Lifestyle Temporarily,” Ayanda Thabethe. There is nothing as unpredictable as life. With the current ongoing covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people found themselves having to downgrade. Having noted that, it is not an easy thing to do because we all aim to live a comfortable life. Another thing, some people feel they have failed in life, if they do away with the lifestyle they have been living all along.

If you are in a tight situation, you might as well heed Ayanda Thabethe‘s advice. The media personality is always dishing out great advice on social media. Ayanda has encouraged people to temporarily downgrade their lifestyles when faced with financial strains. She noted that of course things won’t always be the same and one has to adjust accordingly.

The reality of the matter is living to keep up appearances can only leave you drowning in debt. The people you are trying to impress will be laughing at you, during your most difficult times. So it will be wise to do away with certain expenses until you are back on your feet.

Guys there’s no shame in downgrading your lifestyle temporarily to suit a change in financial climate .. Things won’t always be the same and you have to adjust accordingly. Don’t kill yourself trying to pay off crazy high installments on an already strained budget,” Ayanda.

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