Things Men Take Advantage Of When Taking Women Out

Kenyans live for their weekend entertainment. That is not a fact that can be disputed. Each and every one of us can attest to the phone call from a pal asking, weekend niaje?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, I too love having some relaxing time unwinding from the daily workload.

But girls, I have a question for you. When a guy takes you out, do you ever know his full intentions for you? That is the debate I was having with my workmates about our weekend getaways with team mafisi.

Do you for instance do something that may unknowingly put you in a position which he will take advantage of?

Here are some things men take advantage of when taking you out:

1. Dress-code

We are independent, fun-loving women who dress to impress. Dressing speaks lots of volume. Different people will think of you differently depending on how you dress for every occasion. When you go out with a guy and you are putting on a short dress, the guy might take advantage of that and start touching  you all over and this will really embarrass you if you are not used to such a thing.



2. Stealing your bag

When you go out with a person you are not used to, never drink too much because anything might happen. Always try and hold your hand bag every time because the guy who is taking you out may steal your hand bag so that you will follow him to his place and after that, you will end up sleeping with him something that was never your agenda.


3. Being nice to you

When a guy takes you out, he will try being nice to you and can give you anything you request for at that time. Even if you order numerous cocktails, he will agree to buy you just because he wants to sleep with you and get done with it. He will promise you heaven and earth since he already knows what he wants in return.


4. Left with a bill to pay

When going out, it is advisable for ladies to carry some extra money because anything can happen. Have you ever had your dude excuse himself to go to the bathroom, and never return? Yes? It’s so humiliating to be left scratching your brain how you will come up with that Sh20,000 to pay the bill. You must have panicked wondering how you will pay that bill. To avoid this carry money, not just bus fare.


5. Your drunken state

The bottles are popping, and you are ordering whatever your heart pleases because bae has said you are free to order. But girls, do you know that man your dating could be silently watching you getting drunk, waiting for the perfect time to take advantage of you?

In your drunken state, the man could carry you out of the club without your permission, rape you or worse. You could also end up without body parts as has been the case with mchele situations. Therefore, ladies should avoid drinking too much to avoid such instances.

drunk girl on bench

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