Things no one tells you when planning to go live in America/Abroad

We have in the past heard people say they want to go to America and live the American dream, but only a few succeed at achieving that dream.

This is because they go with so many expectations not understanding is that life in America is not a bed of roses.

There are different ways people go to America, eg through educational sponsorships, green cards or through directly applying for a visa.

Here are things to keep in mind

1- Money does not grow on tress

You have to work hard for your money. most people work two or three jobs to survive.

2- Rules are made to be followed

Most Kenyans enjoy breaking the rules, they like being followed around and that does not happen in America.

The only following done in America is to arrest you if you fail to comply with the laws.

People know what they are supposed to do, when and where.

This includes matters traffic, child support, and bill payments.

3-  It’s very easy to end up in the streets

Contrary to what many people know, it’s very easy to end up on the streets in America.

This is because you have to work to pay your bills, unlike here in Kenya where you can ask a friend akupee za macho.

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4. Racism is real

Racism still exists, so don’t assume that just because it’s a first world country you won’t meet some few rotten potatoes.

5. In case you don’t behave deportation is always looming over your head.

So before you board that Flight, keep these things in mind.

All in all it’s a great land full of opportunities, those who use such chances well go very far in life.

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