Things Tanasha will have to adhere to after converting to Islam

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha and their son Naseeb

It’s no longer a secret that Tanasha Donna has converted and joined the muslim faith, acquiring the name Aisha in the process.

Although it may seem easy, being a muslim comes with rules.

Below are some of the things Tanasha has to adhere to

Praying five times a day

Muslims have different types of prayers namely

Fajr-Dawn prayer.

Zhuhr-Early afternoon prayer.

Asr-Late afternoon prayer.

Maghrib-Sunset prayer.

Isha’a– Night prayer.

Other rules include

  1. No drinking,
  2. No eating pork or any other bad meat/drink. So you have better health than the majority of non-Muslims
  3. It is the duty of a Muslim to be kind to people and other creatures and doing otherwise is a major sin.
  4. You don’t get drunk
  5. You don’t get high and not remember where you were last night
  6. You respect your parents and support them.
  7. You are not involved in immoral activities.
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