Things that make some Kenyan men fail miserably between the sheets

Woman secretly checking her mobile phone in bedroom

The weekend is here with us and that means that couples will be keeping the sheets warm as the weather is cold and good for ‘Twa Twa’.

Truth be told, bedroom performances differ from person to person but there are a few things that make Kenyan men fail miserably between the sheets.

  1. Poor diet

Unlike back in the day when our fathers and grandfathers ate organic food, most men nowadays survive on fast foods.

The likes of fries, pizza, noodles, among others. This hampers their bedroom performance.

And you keep asking why women love budeskos.

2. Vitambi

Truth be told, some men have very big potbellies that hinder access to the ‘promised land’.

Although having ab’s and a fit body does not equate to being good in bed, working out and being fit increases the chances of prolonged intimacy.

So bro, acha kusema kitambi ni bidii yako, keep fit.

3. Shallow mindedness

Gone are the days where sex was all about the famous kifo cha mende (missionary style).

Some Kenyan men have not accepted the fact that a woman is allowed to be a ‘whore’ in bed. Let her explore the different styles she wants with you without being judged.

If she doesn’t, she will go try it elsewhere. Bedroom sio kanisa ati pastor atawaona.

4. No foreplay

Some men treat sex like a trade where you just go deposit and leave.

Even football requires preparation, what makes you think sex is different?

Foreplay is not about trying so hard that you almost pull out her n*pples it’s all about taking time to know what works for your partner.

When you do so it will be worth the wait.

Some men might say that ‘ooh I owe no one good sex’ but bro if nilitoka kwetu it’s because of sex.

If not I would have continued staying with my parents.

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