Things you did not know about controversial tweep Maverick Aoko

Maverick Aoko is loved and hated in equal measures thanks to her daring approach to matters affecting the society.

Women loathe her for always calling them out for living fake lifestyles.

She is, however, a darling to men as she always supports their motions and does so with zeal.

Maverick Aoko

Have you ever asked yourself who Aoko is? Below are things you did not know about her.

1-She is from Kisumu county.

2-She is not only active in Twitter but she has in the past worked with big brands such as Standard Group where she wrote articles for the Standard Newspaper.

3- Her real name is Scophine Aoko Otieno and not Maverick as she calls herself in social media.

4- Due to her zeal in changing society, Aoko was almost kidnapped in 2016.

This was after she exposed some Migori government employees after she did a corruption expose on the devolved government.

5. She comes from a family of writers as her elder brother Jectone Oyoo, also a seasoned writer.

We have to admit Aoko has guts. She says what many people would want to say but don’t have the guts to.

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