Things you didn’t know about Rajville the man who wanted to became Uhuru Kenyatta’s son-in-law

Kenyan rapper Rajville is known by many as the only man who dared ask for Ngina Kenyatta’s hand in marriage through an open letter addressed to Baba Ngina.

Many may wonder who is this man with balls of steel that he would dare ask Baba Ngina to give him her daughter for marriage.

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Below are things you did not know about Rajville, the only Kisii man who almost became Uhuru Kenyatta’s son-in-law.

1- He is aged 27.

2. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister who sadly passed away 8 years ago.

3. Rajville is an alumni of University of Nairobi, Economics class of 2016.

4. Like most Kisii’s Rajville grew up attending the SDA church.

5. He is a smart kid having graduated from Friends School Kamusinga with straight A’s.

6. Despite his young age Rajville owns and run a Basketball team in Kisii County.

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7. He is the only Kenyan artiste to have composed a song for the First daughter Ngina Kenyatta.

8. At only 21, Rajville was signed under Kaka Empire which is owned by Kenyan artiste King Kaka.

He however left after only four months.

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