Things you didn’t know about the late Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol

Othuol Othuol
Aunti Boss actor Alloyce

Kenyans are still trying to come to terms with the death of celebrated Churchill comedian Othuol Othuol.

He passed away at Kenyatta National Hospital where he was receiving treatment.

Below are things you didn’t know about him.

1-  He was born Ben Maurice Onyango, but many knew and identified him with the name Othuol Othuol.

2- He hailed from Alegi, Siaya.

That is where his remains will be buried.

3- He was in 2019 diagnosed with Tuberculosis, he took medication for 6-7 months.

Churchill through the Laugh industry helped clear his bill.

4- Othuol was also an actor, he is best known for his prowess in the local show ‘Aunty Boss.’

5- Before being diagnosed Othuol had opened up on how he battled alcoholism.

So bad was the situation that he would sell his phone, gas and Tv just to get money for beer/makali.

He would even perform while drunk but like the fighter he is, he overcame the addiction.

He had hoped to get back to comedy in January 2020 but things did not work out.

6- He had been admitted to Kenyatta National hospital twice.

7. He has died aged 31.

8- He was not married.

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