Things you should ditch to boost your bedroom prowess

Upset woman in bed sleeping separate of a man

What we eat or drink strongly determines how our bodies react to internal and external activities among them se3ual interco*rse.

There are foods we eat that do not help our bodies at all and only success in satisfying our cravings.

Below are foods you should ditch if you want to improve your bedroom prowess.


Wheat has a way of making the body ‘lazy’ . Different people react differently and in most instances it adds weight.

Excess weight can hamper se3ual activity.

Deep fried foods

We all know how appetizing deep fried food are but when it comes to bedroom matters it does not help.

They only help in fattening us.

Instant foods

This are foods that need very little time to cook.

Most can be cooked up in a microwave or in a burner for a minute or two.

Such foods include indomine, sissy among others.

To boost your sexual prowess include

Greens- such as brocolli, managu, mrenda would help.

Pumpkin seeds- 

Wash them thoroughly, let them dry under the sun for a few days.

Hit them on a pan to your desired taste.

Have them with a water, juice or just as a snack.


wash it nicely while it still has it’s skin.

Chop into small pieces and blend. You can mix it with another fruit of your choice.

Nutmeg- it can be put in food, smoothies and other drinks.

Nuts – There are different types of nuts.

One can prepare them at home or buy them at a convenient store.


Working out increases blood flow and the happy hormone.

This in return boosts a man or woman’s libido.

So Incase your bedroom skills need a boost then hit the road running.

Others bibi atachukuliwa na mtu anajua kazi.

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