Throwback jams that slapped


Here is a list we compiled for you of throwback jams that slapped not only this year but for years to come.

Boomba  train esir and nameless- the last hit song of esir and was a collab with nameless the sing is still a banger.

Nasinzia Nameless- eeeiiii!!! Nasinzia nikikuona!!! This song was everything, it was played everywhere.

Tetemesha Redsun– the title of the sing already states how the song was ilikuwa inatetemesha.

You Big Pin– a great hit from Big Pin.

Let’s get down Prezzo– this was one of Prezzo’s greatest songs. It was played all over.

Nampenda Pili Pili- who didn’t know this song!!!! It was a banger.

Who can bwoga me- Gidi Gidi Maji Maji- IAM UMBWOGABLE!!! Everyone knew this song and vibed to it. It was and still is a great song.

Mr Googs, Vinni Banton – Githurai – just the fact that it was about a place in Kenya made it a bigger banger.

Madraxx  get down– it was played everywhere the roads clubs. It was a hit.

Nameless deadly– you are deadly sexy…. This was one of nameless greatest songs.

Kleptomaniacs swing swing– Klepto the group released banger after the other

Jimwatt under 18- KUMBE NI UNDER 18!! The song was a sing along for most people
Amani ft nyashinski bad boy- one of the greatest collabs from the songbird Amina and the legendary Nyash of Klepto.

DNA banjuka – this was a great hit from DNA and was constantly played.

E sir moss moss – a great hit from the late e sir and a great collab it was well played.

Nonini we kamu– a sing along from every child of that generation. It was and still is a great song.

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